Nine measures to improve the urban functions of Xining

a city, the political, economic, cultural and social activities in a certain area of the region plays an important role. The function of the city is different at different stages and different periods. In order to give full play to the functions of the city, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government put forward nine measures to improve the urban functions in the opinions on further accelerating the reform and development of the city.
measures: complete all kinds of special key areas of city planning work scientific preparation of urban planning
– the strict implementation of the "sparse" strategy, the development of scientific planning, Xichuan Nanchuan, Beichuan area, seeking renewal pattern diversification, according to local conditions.
– the reasonable control of the industrial park land growth, accelerate the optimization and adjustment of urban functions.
– the improvement of urban major road network planning, city development framework.
– to strengthen the management of city planning, extension of municipal planning function, gradually set up urban planning branch, entrusted the implementation of planning permission.
– to optimize the integration of land resources, urban overall arrangement of key projects, public service infrastructure for the. Further implementation of urban linkage land reserve work to promote the comprehensive utilization of land resources.
two measures: improve the city construction grade
– to speed up the preparation of city public transportation development planning. Actively carry out the construction of Urban Rail Transit Line 1, line 3 declaration.
– to promote infrastructure dibiao extended surface gradually promote comprehensive pipe gallery construction, speed up the urban water supply, drainage, flood control, heating, power grid and garbage treatment facilities and revamping of old pipe network renovation pace, enhance the service level of the existing facilities and processing capacity as soon as possible, Xichuan area, tap water and gas drainage network coverage.
– to accelerate the construction of water-saving city, effectively protect the safety of urban water supply. Promoting the construction of urban power grid in an orderly way.
three measures: promoting the construction of ecological civilization to ecological protection –
– reform and perfect the city, ecological environment construction, protection, management, assessment and evaluation system. Firmly establish the "Mattel strategy tree as the key concept, a substantial increase in green space construction of city planning area, to promote the construction of urban ecological barrier system, build a national forest city, the progressive realization of the city in the forest, in the forest ecological city goals.
– declaration of the construction of "city of Forest Park", accelerate the pace of construction of forestry science and technology demonstration park three and Tibetan Plateau north-south mountain green.
– actively promote the socialization of city greenbelt custody mechanism reform, accelerate;

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