From the beginning of this month, the province’s 14 provincial public hospitals canceled drug additi

2016 is our province to further promote the comprehensive reform crucial year, our province as a pilot province of the country, to build the "Qinghai model", the reform of Qinghai masses to obtain real reform dividends from the new Qinghai health practices, new practices, new progress and new achievements and new experience. In order to fully display the province health reform achievements, since today the west city newspaper launched "comprehensive health care reform to tackle the" column, under the "comprehensive health care reform to tackle the · common story"; "comprehensive health care reform to tackle · expert interview" two sub sections, your interpretation of our Province reform.

5 month 9 days, reporters from the Provincial Health Planning Commission learned that from the beginning of this month, our province 14 provincial public hospitals to carry out a comprehensive cancel drug addition to get rid of the reform measures, comprehensive medicine medicine "mechanism, to achieve full coverage of provincial comprehensive reform of public hospitals.

Province, 14 provincial public hospitals to implement zero sales of drugs, the full cancellation of drugs (excluding Chinese herbal pieces) addition, the establishment of a new mechanism for the separation of public hospital medicine. Cancel after addition of the reducing section through three channels: reasonable compensation fiscal subsidy of 50%, adjusting the price of medical services shift 40%, fine management of hospital strengthened, reduce the operating cost savings of 10%, drug storage, custody, losses and other expenses included in the operation cost of the hospital compensation.

since August 1, 2016, the provincial public hospitals unified implementation of the "national medical service price project specification (2012 Edition)". Through the promotion of centralized procurement, health care costs, standardize the diagnosis and treatment behavior and other supporting policies to reduce the cost of drug supplies, to adjust the price of medical services to make room for. Adjust the price of medical services, improve the medical service price standards, such as diagnosis and treatment, surgery, nursing and so on, reduce the price standard of inspection, inspection and other items, and improve the standard into the scope of medical insurance to be compensated. Synchronization to strengthen the price, health insurance and other related policy convergence.

2016 at the end of the year, the provincial comprehensive public hospital DRGs disease number is not less than 100; in total control of the medical insurance payment basis, carried out by disease, according to the quota, the per diem payment composite combined payment reform, gradually reduce the fee paid by the implementation, explore the diagnosis related group and medicine contact in Medicare payment reform; the provincial average hospitalization expenses of public hospital out-patient costs, compared with the previous year growth rate year shall not exceed the consumer price index (2016 no more than 3%); improve the business income in the proportion of labor income, reduce drug and health materials revenue, to ensure the benign operation and development of public hospitals. Strive to 2017 accounted for the proportion of public hospitals in the province of Medicine (excluding Chinese herbal pieces) down to about 30% of the total, one hundred yuan of medical income (excluding drug revenue) in the consumption of health materials down to less than 20 yuan.


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