Let farmers get rich in the process of Urbanization

Recently, the mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor of the city of and the relevant departments responsible comrades, in-depth Huangyuan County Township, Chengguan Town, the steering of the new rural community, the construction of the beautiful countryside and the relocation of poverty alleviation work. Wang Yubo stressed that the construction of new rural communities, to build the beautiful countryside, is the provincial government to promote the new town in the country under the great background of major initiatives, the urban and rural development, affluent urban and rural people, the core is to let the rural beauty industry, make up, let the rich farmers to. Huangyuan county government must take the "core of urbanization" as the co-ordination to promote the work, high standards and strict requirements, do a dry one, a beautiful, rich one party, let the masses satisfactory. The new type of rural community is a new type of rural community construction of the provincial government to determine the 20. Wang Yubo pointed out that the new rural community is the basis of urbanization system in a ring, in the industry, enriching the people, there is a strong demonstration of the people, driven, guided. Huangyuan county Party committee and government must be in accordance with the standards of building a new class of rural communities in the province, in strict accordance with the planning organization and implementation, high quality and high standards to promote construction. Make full use of topography, mountain water features, to create a simple natural cultural tourism leisure town. To integrate the good financial resources, tap the advantages of good features, planning a good cultural tourism and other follow-up industries, and strive to explore the success of the construction of new rural communities. Kesuer village is a beautiful scenery on highway 109. Wang Yubo and any party secretary of nearly 40 years of iron Jianguo cordial conversation, thanks to his efforts to lead the villagers to get rich, the construction of the beautiful countryside to pay hard work. He pointed out that the Huangyuan county government to sort out and summarize the experience of typical innovation should not only inherit historical memory, create beautiful and neat new rural landscape, to broaden the way of sustainable development of farmers, rural industry, and continuously improve the village environment, let the farmers living standards rising, the construction of a number of pastoral beauty, beauty, beauty of life in the village of beautiful countryside. Chung Hing area is easy to focus on the relocation of the county of Huangyuan in 2014 relocation area, involving 20 villages in Huangyuan county. Wang Yubo stressed that the relocation of land to help poor farmers to solve the problem of safety and comfort of the new home, but also to solve the problem of employment of migrant workers. Huangyuan county Party committee and government to promote the quality and quantity to resettle work, there are plans to organize off-site relocation of poverty farmers to participate in the occupation skill training, make both the sense of employment, the employment skills of farmers also have channels of employment, employment platform, security, quality improvement of living conditions.  

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