False Enron pyramid pyramid selling illegal personnel will be punished by laws and regulations

  December 4th, Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau received a report from the masses, someone in the provincial capital of a building under the guise of Enron in the name of pyramid schemes. On the same day, the person in charge of the safety of the Northwest Branch of Xining immediately rushed to the city and the trade and Industry Bureau to investigate and deal with the illegal pyramid scheme.

According to

, Enron nano is a company engaged in the development of nano technology, production, sales of large companies, their products are sold throughout the country, and by consumers. However, a small number of sales staff in the sales process to obtain more profits, illegal business, in order to subscribe for a disguised payment of goods and other means to induce consumers, resulting in the occurrence of these events. City Trade and Industry Bureau staff said, after receiving a report from the masses, the city Bureau of industry and Commerce directly contact the manufacturer, the joint sales of illegal sales of a small number of salespeople to combat. City Administration of industry and Commerce will be punished according to the relevant laws and regulations on illegal personnel.


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