3355 highlights the new characteristics of Huangyuan mass line education

Huangyuan County in the party’s mass line education activities, combined with the actual situation and the ideology and style of Party members and cadres, to the construction of the province’s agricultural modern animal husbandry demonstration county, the county cultural tourism and ecological construction of Huangshui River upstream county "as the goal, to carry forward the" small spirit of Gaoling, strengthen the implementation of capacity building, build service type the organization "is always the starting point, to determine the" 3355 "carrier, it shows the characteristics of Huangyuan educational practice.

according to reports, the "three", is the focus to enhance spiritual power to accelerate the development of the "carry forward the spirit of Gaoling to carry out small" activities, the "pioneers, good hard work into the small Gaoling spirit as leading the county Party members and cadres to promote the work and promote the development of the new era of spiritual core, into action the construction of the beautiful Huangyuan, happiness Huangyuan style; focus of emancipating the mind to carry out" the implementation of improvement, enhancing activities, cadres at all levels to guide the turn style, tree image, strong ability, promote the county’s economic development, social harmony and stability, strengthen grassroots organizations, harmonious party masses relationship; focus on improving the level of service, to carry out service "to become the pioneer. LIAN power Wucheng" activities, improve the ability to serve the people, promote the sharing of. "Three basic work", is to further promote the advanced areas to create national unity and progress of work, the full implementation of key work, project, solve development problems, promoting the overall economic and social development; organize the implementation of grassroots organizations "six standard" action, improve the cohesion and fighting capacity of basic party organizations, appeal to promote peace Huangyuan construction; the implementation of the disputes, "five early" working method and comprehensive social governance "five coverage", deepening the grassroots peace building, continuously enhance the people’s sense of security.

"five consciousness, improve five abilities, leading cadres at and above the county level to carry out" go grassroots and solve problems, when the model "activities, enhance awareness example, enhance research and decision-making ability; carry out turn style, implement, make rate" in the family party cadres, enhance the overall awareness and enhance implementation capacity; in the county, township authorities and window units general Party members and cadres to carry out than business, quality, tree model "activities, strengthen the sense of responsibility, enhance the ability to serve the people; to carry out" the rule of law, promote justice, create advanced "activities in the party cadres law enforcement units, enhance the awareness of the people and enhance the impartial law enforcement ability; in rural (community) to carry out" go village, police sentiments, tree image "activities of grassroots party members, enhance awareness of Party members to lead rich can enhance Power。


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