Xining 3 overpass this month put into use

is located in the center of the 3 pedestrian overpass will be completed with the recently completed, is expected to be put into use after the middle of this month after acceptance.

is the construction of 3 pedestrian footbridge is located in front of the department store in front of the 54 avenue of the Thai street flyover, water conservancy department of the West Point of the bridge and the road flyover overpass – the 71 passing street flyover. 54 street all crossroads 6 (including commercial Lane junction), 2 Road intersection, two commercial shops, administrative office area, crowded, 6 pedestrian crossing signal lamp is arranged in the middle of 2 kilometers of road, seriously affect the speed of vehicles, to build a footbridge will improve traffic flow, traffic speed 71; road and Road intersection for irregular crossroads, traffic is large, pedestrian zebra line, signal changes frequently, with a safety hazard, after passing 71 road and 51 street flyover will be put to use to solve the difficult problem of pedestrian crossing; Water Conservancy Department of Xishan Lane because of traffic and pedestrian flow is larger a street lamp control, signal, causing severe congestion and vehicle crossing the viaduct, pedestrians crossing a large security risk. After the flyover will be used to protect the safety of pedestrians crossing the street at the same time, can give full play to the highway traffic efficiency. It is understood that the above three bridges have entered the final stage of the road, is expected to be put into use in the middle of this month after acceptance. (author: Zhao Linsong)

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