The transformation of the old Suzhou garden will move into the Xining overpass at

introduction of the Suzhou landscape, the protection of key cultural relics, Xining City, Jiefang Road No. 12 Hospital of the old city reconstruction project "launched in August 30th at Tianqiao" let people full of longing. It is reported that this piece of land by the Qinghai Province Flyover real estate investment company in September 2009, the auction proceeds, covers an area of about 25 acres, net covers an area of 17794 square meters, land auction, the total price of 146 million yuan, from the planning to move back, lasted nearly four years.

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, "the bridge is located in the center of the provincial government office project backyard diagonally opposite, temple square. The hospital has on behalf of the liberation of Qinghai landmark "liberation hall", on behalf of the Qinghai Hehuang folk culture of the hermit, 300 years old trees, a wild profusion of vegetation of ancient Sophora japonica forest…… The flyover has a Cultural Representative Office ", the special location and landscape typical, the transformation of the old city planning at the beginning of the benchmark, Tianqiao Industrial Investment Group Chairman Zheng Yongjian on the set of" another 100 years development strategy here is Xining landmark ", the first choice Suzhou landscape company overall landscape planning of residential, is focused on the protection and landscape of cultural relics, ancient wood integration planning. The apartment layout design, regardless of the size of apartment layout are done a room all require sunlight, lighting standard. At the same time in order to meet some customers on the large-sized apartment to improve living needs, achieve life balcony and landscape balcony, and horizontal channel separation household separation, sunken living room with room and leisure area separation, separation and health. According to informed sources, practical aspects, living habits from the apartment layout revision distinguished, privacy, security, space around the country to examine, from the time before and after revision lasted a year and a half, ten drafts, before deciding on the draft. In view of the landscape design, take the first layer of overhead type residential interior design concept, the former in hospitals after mastery, not only increase the leisure space, and can make the scene with real echoes. The biggest highlight of the relics, ancient wood landscape design for the protection of the group.

"flyover residence" project planning process, Tianqiao industrial group understands the existing tenants for the elderly, and more than 90% of the residents are in place to move back, immediately decided "to move after the development of the" thinking. The first cover huiqianlou and commercial development. This will undoubtedly increase the cost of development, but the Tianqiao industrial group adhering to the "development is the sum of conscience account" concept, carried out a large number of household survey, although the lost gold development period, but also the owners of the return, from the beginning of July this year officially signed the agreement to move back, move back to households 136 households, the total demolition area of about 16000 square meters, only 40 days, more than 90% of households with Bridge real estate investment company signed an agreement to move back, and to the satisfaction of their own houses. (author: Song Jia)

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