The second section of the family culture and art festival in the north of the city

to further promote the socialist advanced culture, promoting family virtues and family cultural construction, advocate scientific, civilized and healthy lifestyle, the majority of families in our region rich in active cultural life, organize and mobilize the masses of women and families to participate in the "creative city" and the "year" work, from 5 to October by the District Women’s Federation, district a city district office, how do three joint in the region to carry out the "second family culture and Art Festival" series of activities. The aim of this activity is organized by the family culture and art exhibition activities rich and colorful, active women’s family and cultural life, promote and create a harmonious civilization, to family life and family cultural atmosphere, improve the quality of civilization and family happiness index, edify sentiment, increase the taste, to promote social harmony in the family harmony.
games live from the Chaoyang Street area of the village, the community more than 40 families to participate in the sports fitness activities of the tug of war, shooting, skipping and other forms of pinball, the event was intense, the cheers.


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