Xining fifteen meeting of the two sessions of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress of the four mee

on the morning of January 15th, the fourth session of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress held its fifteenth meeting at the Qinghai Convention center. Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo only 67 minutes to finish the government work report, the content of pragmatic, bright spots.

highlight the construction of the project, investment significantly, optimize the industrial structure, accelerate the transformation of development mode…… For the work and achievements in 2012, Wang Yubo did not say much, but will focus on the main work of this year. This year, Xining will achieve new breakthroughs in seven areas.

project investment, to achieve new breakthroughs in Xining city will implement 654 key projects in the expansion of investment, 84 billion yuan more than the scale of investment, the implementation of the train station, the comprehensive transformation of the central square of the North expansion, wells Lane Business District project, accelerate the build quality block.

Change the way of structure optimization of

, to achieve new breakthroughs, and strive to form the base of nonferrous metal processing sales revenue of over 100 billion yuan in the park in improving quality and efficiency, at the forefront of the province in the construction of "national circular economy pilot area development". Strive to add more than 2000 small and micro enterprises during the year, above scale industrial enterprises more than 40.

to accelerate urbanization, to achieve new breakthroughs in the integration of urban and rural development, this year, Xining city will be in accordance with the standards of planning and construction of urban county, the county in accordance with the standard of the small town planning and construction, increase the "food basket" construction, and gradually form a rational layout of urban network system, perfect function, clear.

to strengthen the planning and construction, in promoting the city function to realize the new breakthrough of the implementation of the State Road, sunning Road, Sea Lake Road, the Yellow River road and other areas of key projects, so that more small streets circulation, accelerate the construction of metro, rouchard DOPA tourist area, Xichuan Metro project.

adhere to the people-oriented concept, to achieve a new breakthrough in improving the people’s Livelihood — to achieve 1 billion 180 million yuan of investment in education, the implementation of the construction of 41 standardized schools and rural junior high school construction. During the year more than 30 thousand new jobs, start the "healthy Xining" activities, during the construction of various types of affordable housing 36789 sets of urban residential area property management, achieve full coverage, start 24 hours self-service library "project.

to improve the ecological environment, to achieve new breakthroughs in the construction of "beautiful Xining" in the construction of the beautiful homes, at the forefront of the province in the construction of "national ecological civilization pilot area development", continue to add green, clean water, pollution, does not meet the environmental requirements of the project will not be imported, not the implementation of.

to deepen the reform of institutional mechanisms to achieve new breakthroughs in strengthening fine management, establish and improve the incentive mechanism of the civil service, improve the specific measures of compulsory exemption relative to the nearest school, make full use of bank loans, trust financing way, and strive to exceed 12 billion yuan. Promote "3+6" model, strengthen community management, in the construction of national unity and progress demonstration zone in the forefront of the province. (author: Zhou Jianping) > &

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