The municipal Party committee to promote the construction of strengthening branch chuangxianzhengyou

On the occasion of the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China Municipal Party branch of the Communist Youth League work, carried out a series of colorful activities

ushered in the 90 anniversary of the founding of the party, the Party branch of the municipal Party committee combined with the actual work of the Communist Youth League, launched a series of colorful activities.

to carry out the exchange activities. from the national higher school for the Communist Youth League cadres into the county League attachment, is to further promote the group of grassroots organizations and grass-roots work an important measure to further strengthen communication and exchanges between colleges and universities cadres in our city and sending cadres, summed up the first half of the year to sending work, municipal Party committee office party branch organization to carry out the work cadres of recreational activities. In the activity, all colleges and universities selected by sending cadres summed up for half a year in the grassroots League to carry out research, promotion of work experience, strengthen grassroots League building, promoting youth employment and entrepreneurship work, talk about the what one sees and hears during the attachment and that continue to grassroots initiative, in the future work will be devoted to the work., to hone their talents to achieve the growth of

to carry out poverty relief activities. on the eve of the 71, the Party branch of the municipal Party committee and the point of helping the village of Datong County, East Town, the town of Ma village Party branch to carry out urban and rural Party members hand in hand help activities. Party members around the village to help the masses of production and living conditions and the village Party members of the exchange, and visits, condolences to the families of twinning, sent 4 tons of flour for the poor households in the village.

fresh blood for the party. as the party’s assistant and reserve army, the Communist Youth League Organization shoulders the responsibility of conveying outstanding young talents for the party. After a year of training and investigation, the two party organizations to join the party activists continue to strengthen their party spirit, in the ideological style, ability to work and other aspects have made considerable progress. 71 on the eve of the Party branch of the municipal Party committee held a general meeting of the party members to receive two activists to join the party members. The red flag, the old and new members were sworn together, once again, to relive the party oath, to strengthen the party’s sense of honor and mission.



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