Xining special gas pipeline safety protection work will be ignore the safety of gas pipelines will b

entered in June, the city’s construction site ushered in the construction of a small climax, but in the construction at the same time, due to ignoring the gas pipeline caused by digging bad natural gas pipeline construction accidents occur. The morning of June 4th, the City Commission convened by members of the unit, four districts and three counties, the park management committee and the city in the construction of the project construction, construction, supervision unit representative, jointly held the city gas pipeline safety protection work conference. Informed the meeting of the city gas pipeline Waduan accident occurred recently, and the accident unit in the future in the construction of gas pipeline safety still ignore the safety committee member units of serious responsibility, severely punished.

in recent years, the rapid development of the city’s gas industry, natural gas pipe network coverage continues to improve, natural gas has become the city’s production, life, an important component of energy. However, in the rapid development of gas industry at the same time, also brought the safety management of gas industry, especially in recent years, the gas pipeline safety accidents, only the first half of this year in the city took place of the natural gas pipeline Waduan accident 10, production safety situation is grim.

to earnestly learn lessons from the accident, by analogy, to further strengthen the city’s natural gas pipeline safety management work, actively and effectively prevent similar accidents, ensure the safety of natural gas form improved stability, city administration, municipal construction committee to adjust the ideas and work in the future will strengthen supervision, through thorough investigation and other forms of supervision, supervision from responsibility the enterprise, the degree of attention, the construction side is sound pipeline facilities inspection system and other aspects are examined. In the inspection, the individual construction units still ignore the practice of natural gas pipeline network security, industry authorities will also introduce appropriate management practices and measures, and the illegal construction units severely dealt with severely.


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