Qinghai Lake mascot collection activities

is the unique charm of the Qinghai Lake scenic area will further display, landscape and cultural integration to a new height, recently, Qinghai Lake scenic area protection and Utilization Management Bureau launched the solicitation of tourism image design activities and the name of the mascot.
the solicitation, will use two months time, the domestic and international community plans call for 20 finalists, and from a selection of 5 outstanding design works. The image of the mascot design works, fully reflect the characteristics of Qinghai Lake, Qinghai Lake, the perfect embodiment of ecological resources, folk customs, cultural history, unique wonders of the most representative elements.
this activity aims to more intuitive and concise way and affinity of creativity, the unique charm of the majority of visitors to the Qinghai Lake tourism transfer and rich connotation. The collected works to determine, through comprehensive, wide range, targeted marketing promotion, deepening the development of cultural fusion area, increase research and development of mascot derivatives, further to show Qinghai Lake unique natural ecology and cultural history, and enhance the influence of culture, play a positive role in shaping the brand image.


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