Xining Railway Station at the end of October delivery

Comprehensive renovation project of Xining Railway Station public concern is a priority for our city Huimin project, comprehensive project is the largest investment, after the completion of the transformation of the Xining Railway Station will become a comprehensive functional area and city traffic distribution, comprehensive business development, city landscape display in one. At the end of June this year has invested 1 billion 3 million yuan, in October this year will be fully completed evacuation related engineering and railway traffic conversion, and the end of October will be delivered.

current Xining City train station renovation exactly at what stage? Let’s take a look:

– Landscape Water Diversion Project: basically completed, plans in July to use function, with acceptance criteria.

– Qilian road – mutual Road Tunnel Engineering: the completion of regional water supply and drainage, gas, communications, power line Qiangai, main structure and side wall of the tunnel 70%. Is the implementation of the U type slot works, as well as decoration, fire, ventilation, strong and weak electricity, static identity sub projects, plans in October to complete the overall tunnel project, to meet the requirements of the opening, with acceptance criteria.

– Station Lane – Republican Road (bridge) project: the completion of the main bridge, road of decorative arches and railings installation. Plans to complete the installation of bridge deck pavement and bridge lamp work before the end of July this year; October fully completed road paving, reached traffic requirements, with the acceptance criteria.

– station – Dong Xiang Xiang diligence (bridge): the completion of the main bridge engineering, road engineering in joint village primary school, 11 week Jiaquan courtyard did not implement the demolition of reasons, finishing the rest of asphalt pavement paving. Plan in October to complete the road paving, to meet the requirements of traffic.

– elevated drop off platform and approach road engineering: Engineering superstructure completed West Bridge, and part of road subgrade engineering. On the east side of the main body of a total of 4 joint structure, has completed the construction of the main body of the 2. Plan before the end of August to complete the work of road traffic conditions, to achieve.

– the end of the first bus station: the completion of the main concrete construction and steel structure, plan in July 1st of this year before the completion of the main project fully completed before the end of October, to use function.

– Riverside Road, Jianguo Road underground space and road engineering: the basic completion of the water supply and drainage, electricity, communications, gas and other kinds of pipelines and plants migration. Complete the construction of the main structure of underground space and road construction before the end of October.  

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