2870 fire units to achieve household management

In February 2nd, the reporter learned from the provincial public security fire department learned that, for the full implementation of organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions of independent fire safety management responsibilities, further implement the "opinions of the State Council on strengthening and improving the work of the fire". In 2014, Qinghai fire brigade, detailed measures, innovation mechanism, supervision of the 2966 key units to carry out the "three reporting record" as the "hukou" fire safety management, of which 2870 units have been basically achieved "household management".

it is understood that the key unit of fire safety "hukou" management is to make full use of information technology, the fire safety information system of Internet social unit, set up a special account for each of the key unit of fire safety, the establishment of "hukou" management files, so as to realize the "safety inspection, hidden from the addition, responsibility". Since the household registration management work has been supported by governments at all levels. Currently, the province a total of 2966 key units of fire safety, fire safety, household registration management work has laid the foundation. At the same time, all according to the relevant requirements, fenpianbaogan, quantitative division, full mobilization of police, provincial key units to carry out in-depth inspection, survey of key industries, key places all kinds of fire propaganda, and urged the authorities to implement all kinds of household partition, a stall, stall to Ji "management mode, use the" domicile of "management system", WeChat, micro-blog, QQ group "platform, carry out the" red, yellow and green three color warning dynamic monitoring, supervision and the "four abilities", fire self-examination and rectification work.


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