Taxi to the growing phenomenon of transportation said the public can report

because of urban road construction, engineering construction and other reasons, people frequently recently told reporters reflect, the city taxi phenomenon intensified. This city yunguanchu said, passengers can rights complaints.

yuan yuan, who lives in Jiefang Road, and she works in the city government. She said, recently, she often encounter taxi events. A place she wants to go, many taxi drivers to find reasons to go". The reason is to go around the streets of Jiefang Road, and all the small streets, it is easy to traffic jams.

taxi to Nanshan Park, is also a difficult thing. Weekend, the weather is good, Mr. Zhang and friends to go to Nanshan park to play, the results of a series of 6 taxis, the driver said, the car does not go". Finally did not hit a taxi to nanshan.

at 6:30 on June 7th Xu, Ms. Zhang and his colleagues at the entrance of the municipal government, when the rush hour, a lot of people hit the taxi, but few empty through. Two people finally hit a car license plate number for the green A· T3977 taxi. After the car, the driver learned that two people to go to victory road, said: I want to go to the East, you re taxi." Ms. Zhang is very easy to get on the car, said: "you should not stop since you should not pull." Unexpectedly, this sentence immediately angered the driver, said: "I am angry voices and hard words will not pull, you love that tell where where." Ms. Zhang and colleagues had to get off. The taxi did not walk a few steps, a man hand stopped a taxi, the car man not long, also being kicked down.

suffered a taxi to do? The reporter interviewed the city yunguanchu taxi management department, the relevant responsible person said, encountered taxi phenomenon, the public can report to yunguanchu, also can call 6316110 telephone complaints. The responsible person said, urban road congestion, the driver in order to save time, refusing passengers; the taxis are using natural gas, the Nanshan power is insufficient to use gasoline, and gasoline prices recently, is also not willing to reason on the taxi passengers to take nanshan. The rejection of events, yunguanchu will depend on the situation and give different taxi drivers refusing penalties.


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