Road miles news cultural activities officially started collecting instrument

By September 10th, Dagong newspaper and Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial government information office, jointly organized cultural and news publishing office, Provincial Tourism Bureau, Qinghai Lake Management Bureau, Sanjiang Province source office, the provincial radio and television and other units of the "road miles — on both sides of the four mainstream media in the Tibetan Plateau" Long March culture news "journey" collection activities officially started in Xining Wanda Plaza, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, bureau of Qinghai Lake, Sanjiang Province source office, the provincial radio and television and other leaders attended the ceremony.It is reported that

the journalists from all over the country dozens of media, dozens of media and relevant experts, scholars, writers, artists, photographers, interviews across the Qinghai and Tibet, throughout the four provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan, travel more than 3, which lasted nearly a month, will be the work of a new culture news "long march". Participate in the activities of the scholars, the reporters have said that in the folk songs, to speak with the works, tell a good story of Tibet, the "roof of the world" on the ecological province, the reform and development of national unity, the practice and experience of readers at home and abroad to report out a real, comprehensive, vivid beauty of Tibet. A real, rich, sacred Tibetan plateau.

, "road miles" is to boost the Tibetan Plateau specialty, ethnic and religious culture and with distinctive Tibetan characteristics of the local customs and practices, from the "heaven" to the country, to the world, promoting the Tibetan and the mainland share the fruits of reform and development. At the same time, it will play a very important role in promoting the history, scenery and culture of Qinghai.  

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