To ensure that people live so safe and city leaders to check the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival s

In February 21st, the Deputy Secretary of Xining Municipal Committee and Secretary Su Rong, Municipal Standing Committee, Minister of propaganda department, Municipal Federation of trade unions chairman Wang Haihong, vice mayor, city public security bureau director Liu Tianhai, deputy mayor Tong Wang inspection group and the relevant departments responsible person, to carry out an inspection of our city the Lantern Festival security work. Su Rong stressed the need to ensure that people live a happy, peaceful and safe lantern festival.

the same day, Su Rong and his entourage went to the East Jianguo Road south of the city of Longmen, the central square of the city district, West District, Longmen City Plaza and North East Chaoyang road. Every one, Su Rong and other city leaders have to carefully check the site layout, understanding the traffic organization during the Lantern Festival, security and other related work and contingency plans. Su Rong pointed out that the Lantern Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation, Lantern Festival is an important activity to enrich and activate the cultural life of the city’s general public. All relevant departments must strengthen coordination and cooperation, will do the organizational work, both to the Lantern Festival held a festive fun, work, but also attaches great importance to security during the Lantern Festival to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong for the people, a happy, peaceful and safe lantern festival. To strengthen leadership, to implement the responsibility to ensure that the system in place, measures in place, personnel in place. The traffic police and other departments during the event to ensure that the police in place, responsibility to the people, to ensure the safety and smooth traffic during the masses.

then, Su Rong came to the Nanshan fireworks, a detailed understanding of species, the Lantern Festival fireworks of the number of cases, here on the wire erection, security measures, the implementation of the responsibility system and the deployment of police were examined in detail. Su Rong requirements, all departments should go all out to ensure the safety and success of fireworks, to form a joint force, the whole process of monitoring, in particular, to strictly adhere to the key parts to ensure foolproof. (author: Xu Shunkai)


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