Notice on organizing the commemoration of martyrs during the Qingming Festival

Green Run word [2014]27 number

municipalities, autonomous prefecture Party committees and people’s governments, provincial ministries and commissions, provincial organs and units, people’s organizations:

2014 Qingming Festival is coming. In order to vigorously promote the spirit of martyrs, and actively cultivate and practice the socialist core values, is now carried out during the Qingming Festival activities to commemorate the martyrs notice as follows:

, all localities and departments and units should make full use of the local Martyrs Memorial facilities, patriotism education base, the national defense education base of red resources, organization of Party members and cadres and workers to carry out and pay homage to the martyrs, the memory of the martyrs activities, guide the masses of all ethnic groups to actively participate in the martyrs memorial facilities, planting flowers and other celebrations. Commemorative activities should adhere to pragmatic frugality, avoid extravagance and waste, pay attention to the actual effect.

two, publicity departments at all levels should focus on a period of time, in-depth excavation formed in different historical periods of the spirit of the martyrs, to organize various theme educational activities, and make full use of newspapers, radio and television, Internet and other media, widely publicize the deeds of the martyrs, vigorously carry forward the spirit of martyrs. The education departments at all levels should make full use of classroom teaching, visit, theme education and the organization of the old Red Army, the old road, the old soldiers, the old party members and descendants of the martyrs martyrs life for young people teach and heroic deeds and other forms, and guide the young people to remember the martyrs and heroic, to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values and enhance the historical sense of responsibility and mission.

three, all localities and departments and units to combine organized martyrs memorial activities, in-depth publicity "opinions on Further Strengthening the work of the martyrs memorial" (No. [2013]8) spirit, to create a strong atmosphere of learning, advocating the memory of the martyrs, martyrs martyrs in the whole society. To Tomb-sweeping Day anniversary as an opportunity to vigorously promote the "opinions on Party cadres to take the lead in promoting the reform of funeral" (No. [2013]23) spirit, leading cadres to take the lead funeral reform, vigorously promote low-carbon modern civilization sweep mode, establishing new customs customs sweep, promoting the construction of socialist spiritual civilization and ecological civilization construction.

Office of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee

General Office of the people’s Government of Qinghai province

March 29, 2014


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