To treat customers like a friend

treat customers, we should uphold what kind of idea? Different operators will have different understanding, and there will be a different approach. Guigang City, Guangxi Metro Fuji cigarette merchant Tan Weifen attaches great importance to service attitude, she treated with a friend like a sincere heart, interpretation of the meaning of the service. The neighborhood and the old regulars who affectionately called her sister fen.

shop to do business with customers inevitably unpleasant Fen sister is good at the total disputes nipped in the bud, her coup is standing in the customer’s position to consider the issue, "let God" feel the moment businesses put their interests in the first place, but also actively seek to solve the contradiction between the methods, resolve conflicts. A smile is a magic weapon for winning Fen sister, she often smiles with rational rhetoric in two words or three can let the customer anger, "disappear".

Fen is the biggest advantage is carey and learn to watch, she said, some customers buy cigarettes not love others love their own judgment, it may wish to leave more space for customers to choose; some customers say that although unknown but hope to get the promotion, then introduce more active.

and some customers think the cigarette price is too high, will the other requirements from the cigarette price each other look judgment for promotion; some customers have no idea, can consult each other need to buy cigarettes for promotion purposes…… Many old customers are feeling, Fen sister is indeed a good friend of the customer, the customer often do not have to talk to the sister can guess their needs, so the service attitude of customers is easy to accept.

in fact, if we treat our customers as friends, I believe that we can be a good relationship with every customer, so that the business development of the store will certainly have a very big role in promoting. In short, if you are a retailer, treat customers may wish to stand in the perspective of a friend to try, may be helpful to your customer business oh.

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