Across the six threshold can carry out chain operations

want to venture into the field, but can not find the right project, the chain of concern, there is no industry restrictions, operating more easily. So what industry suitable for chain operation? With the following six conditions can carry out chain management.

A, management can be engineered.

as Western-style food, Western-style food science and nutrition, so it can be engineered. The weight and standard of various raw materials, the type and number of spices are strictly in accordance with the standards. Just like McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, their French fries oil temperature, the length of time is a strict control standards, these quantitative standards and procedures can be engineered. So the chain also has a congenital condition.

and Chinese is not so simple, can not be standardized and engineering, is the Chinese exquisite cooking art, are very fuzzy control standards, for cooking process such as salt, vinegar and a little……

management content can not be standardized, engineering is one of the first to become the chain operation conditions.

two, core endowment.



A major feature of

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