Four stages of successful marketing

a lot of people want to do sales, the first is to pave the way for their own business, followed by the benefits of future life communication. So how to do marketing? What kind of marketing process and stage? The following is a specific introduction, look at it!

from the start of silence

" everything is difficult at the beginning of " this sentence for each industry, everyone is applicable. New entrants are generally faced with a very difficult problem: how to start marketing? Judging from experience, this issue is that " "’s Chinese; silence;, the answer is self-evident: from the silence began marketing course!

for newcomers, are not familiar with their industry and products, there is no marketing experience, afraid to say the wrong thing, can not answer customer problems, so he chose silence and try to avoid making mistakes, is understandable. The so-called " do more mistakes, less to do less wrong, do not do a good job of " choose silence, it fundamentally avoids the possibility of making mistakes. The new silent, can be said to be a normal.

successful sales breakthrough in silence

been shut out of psychology opening

in the sales industry, there is a class of people is admirable. They do the work of preaching to the old and new marketing staff to explain marketing knowledge and business skills. These people are " trainer ". Talking with them, you can feel their strong sense of talkative, it seems that as long as they have a presence, love never fails, from products to industry, from work to the cause, from life to society…… Endless topics are made by them.


> for many marketers believe

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