Which four retail shopkeepers intolerable

retail business is indeed a big market, but now the industry is highly competitive, the owner of a careless, infected with a bad habit, it is possible to store business is very bad. In short, the store owner in the process of operating the store has accumulated a lot of experience, these experiences are a valuable asset.

, however, a lot of time, these experiences are derived from mistakes and setbacks, there are a lot of new retail owners, the lack of necessary experience, and ultimately lead to retail problems. The author summarizes some problems existing in retail according to their retail experience, say to share with you. These contents are summed up in a total of four, so called "do not four".

first, don’t be sloppy.

today’s supermarket competition is very intense, and also put forward higher requirements for retail shopkeepers. Not only do retail owners have ideas, but they have to pay attention to their own image. If the retailer does not pay attention to their own image, will affect the feelings of customers, and thus affect the mood of shopping, and ultimately affected by their own business. Some shopkeepers disheveled, even with dishevelled hair and a dirty face, wearing slippers to sellers, these do not respect the customer performance.

customers are our God, we should wear formal clothes, so as to show the importance of the customer. In addition, the ability to dress properly can give customers a good impression, and then inject power into the retail. When we came into the shop, see the clothes clean, then it would be a good mood, give the customer a good shopping experience, therefore, appropriate dress themselves, not only can let oneself have a good mood, also can let the customer look very comfortable.

second, don’t talk to customers.

there are many shopkeepers outspoken, what is the heart happy thing you love to say, my heart feel so happy, but after listening to the customer, the heart will be uncomfortable, may also affect the image and reputation of the supermarket. Customers can not always be right, and for retail shopkeepers, but should not use the right and wrong to evaluate customers. Even if the customer does something wrong, we should understand and tolerance, rather than the theory. There was a time, I argue with a unreasonable customer, it is his fault, many customers are in the eyes.

so when the customer leaves, I took out my hair of complaints, comments a lot to him. While some customers hear, did not give me more compassion and understanding, but dazed, even unhappy. Later, the customer said: "although the customer is wrong, but you can not say. After all, we are all customers, you say he is equal to us, so it is prudent!" Originally, I made a mistake. With this lesson, I will never dare to say it in front of the customer

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