Starbucks CEO will bring what kind of change

has such a news, as the food and beverage sector for surely you will be interested in, according to the latest news released by Starbucks, said CEO Howard · Schultz will retire in April 3rd next year, his successor as president and chief operating officer Kevin · Johnson.

Starbucks said Howard · Schultz will continue to serve as chairman of the board, and served as CEO of Howard ·, the future design and development; innovation, Schultz will focus to select Starbucks coffee roasting workshop project, promote the expansion of social influence model and the company’s retail activities. Although Howard · Schultz did not completely leave Starbucks, but after the release of the news, Starbucks shares after the decline was as high as 11%.

new and old CEO Starbucks aimed at the Internet and high-end market

in fact, this is Howard · second outgoing Starbucks CEO. Public information shows that in 2000, Howard · Schultz had retired CEO, after retiring, Starbucks has been due to high speed shop and other reasons, profit fell into trouble. 2008 Howard · Schultz return to Starbucks, Starbucks stores expanded coffee, food and beverage type, and Starbucks’s marketing plan made substantial adjustments to Starbucks stores more products and function, let Starbucks back on track and to continue its pace of expansion door shop.

and the upcoming Starbucks CEO Kevin ·, who had previously held positions in IBM, Microsoft and other technology companies, although not related to the food and beverage industry, but with the origin of Starbucks quite deep. Kevin · Johnson joined Starbucks in 2015, but according to reports, Kevin · Johnson is still Microsoft and Starbucks have a overlap, and joined the Starbucks board of directors in 2009, proposed directive on Starbucks, Starbucks and promoting the combination of science and technology. In 2015, Kevin · officially joined Starbucks as chief operating officer. In the meantime, he actively promote Starbucks’s mobile payment and takeaway business, and Starbucks’s App and incentive programs to china.

addition, Howard · Schultz has publicly said that Starbucks " the next few decades, the growth is still dependent on the expansion of the Chinese market. Data show that this year, the fastest growing sales of the two regions are China and the Asia Pacific region, an increase of 23%. On this basis, Starbucks has announced plans for the next 5 years in China to achieve store doubling plan, Starbucks can see the importance of the Chinese market.


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