Myopia glasses ten brands list

glasses industry products is very rich, according to different functions, can have presbyopic glasses, sunglasses, glasses and so on, and the function of different industries, brand ranking will naturally be different. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of myopia glasses, so that people can have a better understanding of the industry’s brand.

glasses ten brands list, Essilor:


was founded in 1849 by Essilor France Yishilu group, is currently one of the world’s largest optometry enterprises, production and marketing of high-quality ophthalmic optical resin lenses. Essilor by the French company in accordance with the two optical optic (Essel) and optic (optical group, Sillor1972 merged according to visual and visual way history can be traced back to 150 years ago.

myopia glasses ten brands list NO.2, Treasure Island:

Republic of China in three years in the first set of the city of the island of the city of. In 70 years the name of Formosa glasses company, officially opened a chain of professional glasses business. Now is the world’s largest Chinese glasses chain group, in January 15, 2008, a total of 1123 island glasses chain stores in mainland China has a total of more than 633 stores, more than 7100 employees. July 18, 2010, the island has entered a new era of glasses, called the world’s largest professional department of the official birth of glasses.

myopia glasses top ten brands NO.3, Wu Liangcai:

Wu Liangcai glasses company, which was founded in the Qing Dynasty Kangxi 18 years, in 1719, has been 280 years of history, is the oldest in the eyewear industry hundred years old, is the first person of the glasses industry. Whether in the country or abroad, are renowned in 2001, Wu Liangcai was named the brand well-known trademarks in Shanghai City, 2003 Wu Liangcai brand is awarded Shanghai famous trademark, 2006 is known as the most influential Chinese time-honored brand.

myopia glasses top ten brands NO.4, Daming:

Beijing Daming glasses company opened in 1937, since the establishment of the company, the party and state leaders, many celebrities in the special envoys, "Daming glasses optometry,. "Ming" is the earliest glasses retail boutique department, the development of high-grade glasses consumption market of the enterprise; is the oldest of the international famous brand glasses introduction and introduced to one of the China consumer businesses; is currently one of the most famous international brand glasses together most businesses; Beijing is the first to carry out one of the chain business enterprises.

myopia glasses top ten list

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