Name the company to avoid any mistakes

a company’s reputation is equivalent to our own name, contains a lot of factors for the future development of the company has a very big impact. For this reason, for any of the current entrepreneurs, naturally want to give the company a proper name. However, in the name of the company to the process, people tend to make some mistakes, which naturally need to avoid. So, to the company name to avoid what mistakes?

when you get a name for your new company, remember the following items, and you’ll know what to do in the future.

gives the company the name of a building like a corner, once the place, the whole foundation and structure and the original brick. If not, even the slightest mistake will cause the building to collapse, and the inconsistency will be even greater. So if you feel distressed by the name of the company, you think the name is very important. Then you are to you.

I have 18 years to the company name and brand experience, I have seen a variety of names, there are good, poor, very poor. I found that people in the name of the company, there will always be mistakes, here are 8 mistakes I found, I suggest you read, so that there is a good starting point.

error 1: include in your decision".

we live in a democratic society, and it seems that it is right to put all the people around you into one thing. But there are some problems with this approach. The first is that if you just choose a name, it’s not good. If so, you have the potential to alienate people you want to breathe in. Second, you always end up with a unified conclusion, so you can get a safe and attractive name. And you can choose only a few decision makers. They have a close relationship with the company. Of course, there are some smart people. If you choose too many people to decide the name, you get the name is only superficial, descriptive.

error 2: create new words using interception.

if you hurry to choose a catchy name, a lot of inspirational entrepreneurs are simple adjectives into nouns, which is the two terms together to form a new word. A new word is made up of two words, but it sounds strange. Some words are high and low. Service franchise organizations became QualiServe. The hot spring is TranquiSpa, it’s like chocolate sauce with tomato sauce. In fact, two kinds of materials are not bad, but it can not be put together. Other cuts include Ameri, Tech, Corp and Tron. The problem is a bit

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