What are the pitfalls of entrepreneurship

whatever we do is not to rush to success, for entrepreneurs is even more so, because a lot of people in the business on the road to success or cause some vanity, they had some jumped into the trap. Now let’s look at the traps!

The biggest mistake


with CO founding people farther and farther, it is obvious that they will find some suitable for their own people. However, it may be more appropriate to be able to meet your needs to a certain extent than those who seem to be versatile. ChargeBee co-founder Krish (KrishSubramanian) tells us that.

Another mistake

he felt startups should be constantly on the product iteration. You originally planned to spend weeks on the site, and ultimately could turn into a month of four. What if you give up? This time is so precious that there is no time left for you to waste your site. Write the product updates on the website is enough, he said.

technology to choose proper means

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