Still expanding Startups learn subtraction to increase revenue

has a lot of start-up companies in order to expand the scale of revenue, always increase the category in the original brand operation, as it is possible to do Manicure, and have hairdressing…… Calling: to play the ecological


as an entrepreneur, of course, I know the importance of ecology and greatness, but also know BAT, millet and other large companies are building their own ecosystem. But my question is: for start-up companies, come up with a big ecological really good?

startups can’t do much like Starbucks laptop, this great enterprise learning

Howard. The first time Schultz resigned from Starbucks CEO, the new CEO in order to make digital Wall Street satisfied, not only started the crazy shop, while adding a sandwich in Starbucks, even plush toys such as SKU, digital was pretty amazing. But at that time as chairman of the board of directors Howard, Mr. Schultz, but found that behind the beautiful figure, is gradually swallowed the pure gene of Starbucks coffee.

and when he returned to the position of Starbucks CEO, the first thing to do is to slow down the speed shop, or even shut down more than 600 "grotesque" stores. And then turn off the pure Starbucks coffee. Do not allow the taste of beef sandwiches to destroy the pure flavor of Starbucks coffee shop, do not allow the display of plush toys to destroy Starbucks’s visual experience. And all these extra characters out of the store.


, although Starbucks in the short term decline in performance to the incredible, but for a pure brand gene, as well as the brand more powerful vitality, growth, and even become such a great brand.

so I think if startups up learn big company to play the ecological, then what kind of genes? Will not be walked into a grotesque? Then this world in the end there is a successful precedent ofanything? I didn’t hear.

if you do not want to become grotesque, but I think it is necessary to learn about Starbucks, an industry, product to achieve the ultimate ultimate penetration depth, is likely to become the first.

entrepreneurial subtraction, we must first kill the homogenization of value, highlighting the real value of the user

when I started the business car door do optometry glasses, like many traditional glasses shop, in order to meet the needs of different customers, on its website launched thousands of glasses, hope to be able to meet the different tastes of users, in order to increase the conversion rate. But even so, there are still a lot of customers with me to reflect that the style is too small, no favorite.


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