How to seize the focus of the store during the holiday business

any one of the holidays, the shop is the time for the sale of goods, if the store can seize this opportunity for the store is naturally a very big help. But for the consumer market, the Mid Autumn Festival is a rare year gold sales period, also allow the operator to see the harvest of hope, in order to enhance the purchasing power of consumers, everyone is "The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea gexianshentong".

however, with the rapid development of the market economy, consumer demand for consumer updates continue to change, the concept of consumption is also more and more new ideas and new ideas, which makes a lot of businesses have appeared confused business. Here are a few retail guests, to talk about the face of these problems, how to seize the business focus, better meet customer needs, enhance self-worth?

Wang Wenjun: innovative ideas

The change of

consumer demand is also a progress of the times, I think in the holiday business, should be based on "innovation" as the focus, combined with the festival consumption trends, emphasizing its own characteristics, it is a good way to increase sales.

my shop in the vicinity of the community, there are people to visit relatives and friends in the holiday season, as well as the rest of the office workers, very popular. The past is a regular guest now stocking, differences in consumer demand more and more of the goods, for a small shop, to meet customer demand for all that will be difficult, but if you can not meet, will cause the loss of customers, so I in the promotion of "innovation" make a fuss.

I told a friend to do the hotel, where in the Mid Autumn Festival on shop full specified amount, can receive a XX Hotel Group coupon mid autumn festival. The greater the amount of purchase, the more the number of diners. I told my friends that the hotel used alcohol and tobacco from my store. This innovative promotional means to get the recognition of friends, but also firmly attracted the curiosity of customers.

Fu Yingjun: advance booking

in business, I have a habit, every holiday season, I will be the customer to buy the information recorded in the next year can be based on this information to do pre stocking, the effect is very good. However, in the past two years, I found that the Mid Autumn Festival is really a dazzling array of goods, all kinds of people can not start, if they meet the needs of consumers, regardless of funding, the environment is not the venue. So I made a "customer reservation" program. Is to focus on ahead of time with customers to book the goods needed.

I according to the previous customer information, the perennial support for my old customers and the recent development of new customers to call, and they are scheduled to use the Mid Autumn Festival gift. Of course, those who are scheduled to holiday gifts for customers to give some preferential policies, so as to stabilize the customer.

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