How to open children’s shoes store

open a home store and sell all kinds of shoes, want better business, in addition to a variety of services to do, nature also need to purchase more attention on. So, how to open children’s shoes store? In fact, mainly from the children’s shoes wholesale market. Can choose their own goods, ask wholesale price, take a few more. Is not the beginning of the beginning, when you choose the money must be selected to get a pile of money to see if there is no heavy, less a lot of money.

children’s shoes store goods are generally divided into four categories. A baby shoes, baby shoes, the best selection of cloth at the end. Soft is the most important. It’s also important. Two, small children’s shoes, about one year of age to three years of age. Soft bottom. Looks beautiful, with the best leather and sheepskin. Three, Chinese children’s shoes, from 26 to 30. The girls choosing boots, boys choosing travel shoes, the two is in the buy more children. Four, big children’s shoes, 31 to 38 yards. Or travel shoes and boots. And shoes, (I was never sell leather shoes, the repeat sell lost).

The number of

, the last point is the most important shoes store goods, when the selection you will see which are good, but remember that the first time to take the goods must take less, each shoes are a set of numbers, which do not sell back money transfer. Must be good to say in advance, go back to see what kind of supplement.

the first time I opened the children’s shoes store selection time, according to the standard of 20 thousand, the results of the election of the goods of the 50 thousand, and sent back to part of the release of the goods business is not happy not to take their own fare of 200. These are my own experience. Children’s profits are not high, each pair of shoes can earn 20 to 50. But small profits and quick turnover, each child will not only wear a pair of shoes. But the quality must be guaranteed.

I have a lot of friends are just beginning to do shoes feel too expensive to take goods, not on the price. Get some cheap shoes. To repeat a lost. Well, say these, I hope to help you.

so, if you want to let the children a blockbuster, after the shop can make the business development ushered in a better, to spend more energy in the purchase, so that it can ensure a better operation post shop. So, if you open a home store, know how to purchase?

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