nternet plus recycling can bring great market value

waste recycling in the eyes of people is part of the environmental protection, in fact, in the Internet era, a waste recycling APP containing the market money is not to be ignored, the market value of 200 billion, you have to believe!

if the city waste collection including migrant workers, employment China domestic waste recycling industry for nearly 10 million. Across the country, and in a number of key areas to form a different scale of the industry. Renewable resources China Recyclable each year nearly 1 tons, the value of about 200000000000 yuan, of which about 40000000 tons of scrap iron and steel, about 30000000 tons of waste paper, scrap non-ferrous metals about 5000000 tons, 6 million tons of waste plastics, waste tire about 50000000, about 10000000 tons of other waste materials." (Li Leiguang – "China’s renewable resources recycling market research and development prospects analysis report")

according to another industry report, currently engaged in renewable resources industry in China and all kinds of enterprises have more than one hundred thousand years of operation, the amount of 600 billion to 700 billion yuan, employing up to 18 million people.

two comprehensive data, it is not difficult to see that recycling is a seemingly insignificant, but a huge market space for the industry, known as the "vein industry society".


recycling + Internet

in our real life contact is the largest consumer goods waste materials recycling, including scrap metal, discarded electronic products, waste paper raw materials (books, waste paper, waste paper, waste) light chemical raw materials (plastic bottles) etc.. For ordinary home users, these waste items have lost all or most of the value of the use of abandoned consumer goods, the home also occupy space, people call it "garbage"".

relative user, maximum demand recovery is "who", on the production and processing enterprises is recommended

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