See what type of business you fit

with the continuous progress of the society, the entrepreneurial team is growing, if you are also a member of the venture, below, and a small series together to see if you are the kind of entrepreneurial type.

in the birthday that day, what do you want most? (please select the following options)

5, none of the above


1, you are optimistic, positive, romantic, energetic, sour not make you start on the road Tuitang, although no confidence can motivate partners forward, not suitable for independent entrepreneurship.

2, you are more avant-garde, distinctive, assertive, is the main core business on the road. Through efforts to work out a road to success, but excessive self-awareness often cause common entrepreneurs discontent, it is recommended to do poineering work alone.

3, you are an ambitious person, can not start on the road hard, little drops of work their career, cope with success and is excellent in cohesion, can take temporary setbacks, so that employees can start a business, and pull together in times of trouble.

4, your steady, bold and crafty, you can venture in the concrete analysis of concrete problems, in the face of risk you will think twice, will achieve safe investment, learn to accept new things you can not grasp the best time.

5, you develop a strong, is a good practice to start a career, inventive, seize market opportunities, but easy to start on the road full of thorns. Advice: don’t lose heart when you are in the face of setbacks, stick to it and you will succeed!

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