Online newspapers earn more than twenty thousand

a lot of people may see this title, it is difficult to imagine, and indeed the information is so developed, what kind of news, consumers have to buy a newspaper to see the. The following small series for you to bring online newspaper man Li Baoqing entrepreneurial story.

network spread to today, has covered all aspects of people’s lives. The online shopping has been characterized by its fast, cheap and occupy the sales market, half". With the shop’s fiery, distinctive network shopkeeper also surfaced. Li Baoqing of Beijing, relying on the old newspapers on the Internet after the resignation, now his daily sales reached 20 thousand yuan.

a year, Li Baoqing collected from various channels of nearly 100 of the old newspaper, the people’s daily. And his hobby changed because of a piece of news. After the success of China’s Olympic bid in 1929, He Zhenliang, who heard of China’s Olympic bid, received a birthday gift from the International Olympic Committee, the British newspaper "TIMES" on the day he was born in 2001."

once received a ton of old newspaper

Li Baoqing will initially open shop on eBay, and later moved to Taobao. No one came to my shop at first." After knowing the disadvantages of their own shop, Li Baoqing went to the antique market and the old book market, contact and collect old newspapers everywhere.

he recalled that a best of luck, I had received a ton of old newspapers. "I’m very excited," said Li Baoqing, who hired a van to take away a whole ton of old newspapers. After he went home by the years, months, dates to check the newspaper layout is complete, the product is intact, can not be a little broken, otherwise it is a waste paper." Li Baoqing said, then he will pass all the qualified newspaper information into the computer, so that he can consult the customer when consulting information. It took Li Baoqing half a month to sort out the old newspaper.

The daily turnover of over twenty thousand

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