Webmaster may wish to cross the line to do the station

King wrote to me when the title, written as "standing friends" how to do the cross station, ask yourself how much less specific, how to do cross line, it is really difficult for me. The theme of the first positioning for "cross the line to do the station", and put forward some ideas of implementation, specific how to do, we can sum up experience, exchange and share, I am right to throw a brick when it is.

in fact, this is also an old topic, what is the "cross"? Now often referred to as "garbage station", "trade station" is what I mean, meaning different lines of business. As we now most people do stand, are usually people online entertainment sites mostly, this is our webmaster familiar with the profession, what movie music novels download games and so on, now we call the garbage station, my heart of the garbage station there are some differences, those pop, with advertising no, not considering the site visitor experience. Movies, music, novels, you have to pay close attention to these, garbage stations have become garbage. Xiaoli.cc garbage? Don’t waste, last year with the horse program to do many webmaster movie station is also in line with the non station attitude towards his visitors, I was one of them, laughed. But this year, the situation has indeed changed, but in fact, the change has already occurred, but the feeling is not obvious. Many union black heart deductions, Baidu continues to K station, Google K is more unlucky number, then we have to think, how to change? How to use their resources and technology to profit? I would not hesitate to say that many still rely on the master species industry site to profit, but for most of the webmaster, especially this is a novice is placed in a test before us. It can be said that you do the station first thinking this problem, the hearts of the spectrum, then the equivalent of you have a shortcut to go, if now starting to do the film music. These sites, unless you have to play traffic tactics, or to finally, you will feel to do station has no confidence.

decided to talk about this, because a few days ago my site received an advertiser, QQ and I asked my website how to charge monthly advertising, I think the newspaper 300 yuan a month, the man said nothing directly to Alipay paid 300,,,, and then he sent to students from 55.LA the advertising pictures, I spent a few minutes to give him a bit of advertising, (I stand for an advertising are not). With pleasure, the business has been made. Everyone must have two questions at this time: first, how much of your site traffic, selling this price? The answer is about 30IP a day. Two, he didn’t ask about your website traffic statistics, did you?. After asking the price, give the money directly. As to what specific sites, it could not be said, can only give you that belongs to the communications industry. When do the station is completely because there is a friend in this business, often mentioned to me that this line of people often communicate in the QQ group, not what the website, some also announced those policies and regulations, industry dynamic. So I did a stand up, and all the original, non collection, that is some of the information in the group just

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