Whether the qianchengwuyou recruitment website

affected by the economic crisis, the network recruitment revenue will decline, concerned that the earliest possible recovery in the second half of this year, Zhou Xinning think this is no way to recover, even if it is not affected by the economic crisis, qianchengwuyou, Zhi Lian recruitment and ChinaHR three domestic recruitment portal on the road, occupy the online recruitment market share of nearly 70%, but it seems that portal recruitment website is always less than the local recruitment website popular, even if the economic boom period, three portal recruitment network there are still two losses, if the three share calculation, the recruitment website nearly 50% sites of loss. Looking back in the past, recruitment website advertising overwhelming, visibility has, but no increase in revenue, resulting in the network recruitment industry has been "losing money, shouting" embarrassing state.

recently, the United States online recruitment giant Monster company takeover first annual earnings after chinahr.com shows that chinahr.com in October 8, 2008 to December 31, 2008, the loss of about $7 million 100 thousand (about 49 million yuan), the annual loss of $25 million (about 175 million yuan). Losses in the last three months of last year were close to 1/3 of total losses last year. And February 2008 Monster company announced in 2007 earnings, Monster company in 2007 China equity net loss of $9 million 620 thousand. There is no denying that the hiring giant Monster has actually taken the wrong step, and this step is indeed too sudden. Data show that it can be a good way to reveal the grim situation in the recruitment industry. Domestic recruitment website we kill a fight at outrance, big price war, making corporate profits continue to decline. In addition to rely on advertising as the main source of income has become the bottleneck of the development of the recruitment website, the deadlock when solution, only to ask Jesus.

is a series of recruitment, the largest shareholder of the Australian seek company released the 2009 fiscal first half year financial report, Zhaopin shares has increased 30% from a year ago to 56.2%, and the investment of the recruitment of loss in the 6 months from July 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008 of $10 million 680 thousand. Last year, the loss of seek investment in Zhaopin reached 14 million 470 thousand Australian dollars. In accordance with the proportion of Zhaopin shares held by Seek projections, Zhaopin 2008 loss of about 170 million yuan, equivalent to 3.5 times in the second half of 2007. Facts have proved that the recruitment network in the economic crisis, more pale and helpless. This is obviously the recruitment of the site did not do a good job of crisis response measures and expand the business structure caused by too fast, resulting in cash flow shortage and accelerate corporate losses. Last year, China talent network, Zhaopin two companies have entered the Internet industry, TOP50 advertisers ranking, the amount of investment were 300 million yuan and 270 million yuan, reaching the biggest hand over the years

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