Original life Jiang Zhengwen excessive promotion of harmful products is the future

in the outside world, what life has done is a media business: a group of former media people packaged in the media a single product, to achieve high sales. But single product high sales is not their goal, they want to use the supply chain side integration can form a product matrix, to provide consumers with kitchen consumption program.

good marketing, sold a good product,

in 2012, we made a “Chu orange, the main crowd spread entrepreneurs. They have a natural understanding and respect for Zhu Shijian, not bad money, because the “Chu orange story without hesitation consumption. In 2013, we wanted the average young man.

we found some “80” “90” communication, found that they do not understand the story of Zhu Shijian; even if know, also think this story is very far away from their own, is the last generation on business stories; they rarely because of a story moved to the consumer, they are relatively more objective and rational. This fruit is delicious more care. To this end, we adjust the communication strategy, put forward the slogan “tribute 80 80”, a former refers to people born after 1980, after a 86 year old Chu refers to. We chose some non corporate people to spread, such as Han Han and Jiang Fangzhou. They are the representatives of “after 80” and respect Zhu Shijian very much.

At the same time we

to many “80” Master provides a taste of “Chu orange, hope they taste Chu orange, that taste good, and then understand the story, looking back, feeling really oranges are not the same, so go to spread. This is a subtle change in the mode of communication with entrepreneurs. This is a good word of mouth to promote the story, rather than use story to promote word of mouth.


story goes in change. In 2012, we only talked about Zhu Shijian, 75 years old, and then start business. In 2013, we say “24:1 gold,” sweet and sour than “Chinese enjoy the sweet, the taste delicious to tell you. Why is it delicious? Because an old man is growing oranges with life. In 2012, marketing was formed as an entrepreneur foundation. In 2013, we expanded the communication and found the “explosion” point of “after 80” and “90”.

in 2012, we only sell “Chu orange” in Beijing, 2013 spread to the country, sales volume is 10 times that of 2012. In October 24, 2013, the website began the trial sale and was officially listed in November 4th. We advance booking half a month ahead of schedule, to ensure a longer sales cycle, the situation is very good.

in the traditional business channels, “Chu orange” is not a good product.

Chu orange on WAL-MART, but eventually had to quit. First, its production is limited. Gannan navel orange may have hundreds of thousands of acres, but Chu orange on a total of 2000 acres, with an annual output of 9000 tons, it is difficult to enter the WAL-MART national retail system. Second, the supermarket entry fee is high

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