The first choice for a station is a movie station

as a rookie I (maybe not rookie), do not understand the technology, but also on the so-called computer language is not very proficient, but I really want to have a website of your own, and profit from, as I have such idea, how to do


as a junior webmaster of me, I suggest you do movie station, because there are many advantages of the movie station:

1 China, there are a large number of Internet users groups have mostly anime fans, fans of films, TV drama fans, Korean fans, music fancier, fans, maybe they are really interested in these rooms, perhaps in order to pass the time, they just love;

2, the movie station is easy to do and many programs, such as the Marx movie video program, web program, blink alliance, and the program is easy to use, only need little knowledge of programs (with a little HTML language can, or self DIV+css), at the same time the program template a lot of style, easy to search engine included;

3, the movie station updates quickly, as long as the heart, spend more time in the content, because Baidu search engine is the new love, so you can quickly improve the flow of traffic on the money can earn up to

in view of the above, I made 2 movies online free movies, film and television station -pp soso and a movie download site – popular front, for PP free movies, I September 2007 station, has now earned more than 6000, but because Baidu for the Marx program, this is my relentless K station pull, but now the Alexa ranking is still within 100W, behind the 2 are new.

I’m not good at writing. I don’t want to have any friends here.


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