Talk about the attitude of grassroots webmaster to Baidu

first of all, I am a grass root with a dream and a hard work. My website was also Baidu seal, in April this year has just been released now is to drag the speed of the car slowly included a.

cast those technology who is right, only from the emotion and reason, in the face of many grassroots webmaster, Baidu, you can confidently? I don’t understand why, for this alien stepmother Google frequently care for our children, and you own the local Baidu for their children to abuse it literally, the mood? Remember when Baidu is very small, then grab technology not home, remember Liu CEO personally led his study technique, finally make Baidu technology is at least not worse than Google.

I have always thought that the problem should be resolved by the website search engine, now what? These problems are now even by the webmaster of human involvement! May Baidu, some people think it a good shade tree behind, but Baidu is not a reason! For better ranking, we continue the grassroots SEO! SEO! And Baidu is faced with a vicious spiral! Calm KKKKKKK! You don’t ask why we do it, because now you really are not included! Have you sent a spider to find our things, now we can only run to your door for a spider is not used to be you! Continuously improve the technology to crawl the site ", we are now seeking your grasp! Oh…

actually, I’m not aiming at Baidu, but I hope Baidu can do better. After all, Baidu is our local brands in the world, Google crazy promotion, but in China suffered a severe blow, because there is no reason for what Baidu!, Baidu Baidu good! Grow up, but for our grassroots webmaster, a group of a group, as always in the growth stage, like really like weeds. I hope Baidu really becomes the big tree in this grassland, for our shelter from the wind and rain, and hope that there will be more Chinese trees grow up! This article from the mood diary, reprinted, please indicate the source, thank you ~~


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