Talking about the influence of Baidu phoenix nest on website

at the beginning of the year, I heard that Baidu will start phoenix nest program. The traditional bidding site on the left will be down to 3 sites from the previous 10. I was secretly pleased, because the "network promotion" and "website promotion" and other words, my blog is ranking the first position, because the relationship between PPC, only second pages in Baidu, but also get a lot of traffic. If Baidu starts phoenix nest, my website will occupy the first page of fourth place, so the traffic will be greatly improved.

then do not know why, since Baidu put the top 10 natural sites, are mentioned in the first page in the rankings behind, my blog and when several top-ranking website, and was reduced to second pages. That is, the natural ranking dropped to 10. So now Baidu phoenix nest start, for my blog, in traffic will not have big changes.

yesterday, I was in the evening, just know that Baidu launched the phoenix nest, and even tried a number of keywords query, and found that the left side has the most appeared 3 advertising sites. But today the search for "network promotion" and "ticket" and other words that have 10 many, still do not know because during the test, the last radiance of the setting sun. Now, talk about today’s theme, Baidu phoenix nest start, what impact on the site now?.

: a traditional maximum benefit from the


if there is no PPC, what keywords are most likely to be in front of the site?. Needless to say, definitely Sina, Sohu such portals, or Zhongguancun online, bubble network such a vertical portal. The main reason for the decrease in the number of bidding sites on the left is the large sites. In particular, some of the more commercial words, such as IT digital related. Although the natural ranking of these words, are the traditional station in front of, but because of PPC, the station had never from Baidu to share too much traffic. There phoenix nest, reduce the left side of the auction site, so the traditional station is the biggest beneficiary.

two: SEO market is bigger, competition is fierce,

reduced the number of ads on the left, and in a limited location, advertising positions are more competitive. This is not a good place to spend money, or is not everyone willing to spend so much money. In this way, many previous SEM based websites may begin to consider making natural rankings from SEO. Therefore, SEO this piece of cake is bigger, competition will be more intense, and the ability of SEO practitioners is also getting higher and higher.

three: keyword ranking is more difficult to do, UEO era,

from last night to now, many friends around the reaction, the site was Baidu K, the specific reason is unknown. Fortunately, my few stations, Baidu included is normal. Phoenix nest after the start, do SEO site will be more, in order to prevent some websites malicious optimization, Baidu for user experience will also to this more attention, keywords ranking algorithm >

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