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money young

in the summer of 2005, I walked out of the gate of the ivory tower, and my father and mother were strongly opposed. There will be aware of these young unable to dissuade. So I stepped into the society that I shouldn’t have entered so early!


Society – I always feel perfect when I don’t really get into touch with him. As long as you work hard you will have salary, free love, spend their own money, earn money you can find a few friends business, then faster than before the friends have a rich life! See here, those who experienced large waves of friends may not be so simple social can laugh. Now I think of my Utopian thoughts when I was young, and I would feel that I was so cute at the time. Well, not on the point.

just got out of school and had no idea, just thinking that he didn’t study hard and was sorry about his parents. I would do anything if they would not let me go on with my studies. After listening to my father’s arrangement, I was sent to a small workshop for processing clothes. I did it for 4 years,


the hours there are 14-18 hours a day, and at the beginning, they don’t get used to it. But think about it. If you don’t stick to it, you’ll probably be laughed at by your parents and decided to stick to it. The two months, I also gradually and the workshop into the family together, although there are some people who can only work hard all day, but we have our happiness and sorrow, we will get together, eat together, Dadanaonao together, go out to play together, chat together their dreams together listen to the radio. Share the radio side story, music, news and life experience. The joy and some new things together made me forget the fatigue of my work. That’s right! I fell in love with the clothes.

since then, I have made myself a volunteer, and I must be the owner of a garment factory in the future. Use your own mind to fight for yourself, work hard for those who struggle in the forefront, and make their lives better. Because I like the feeling of a big family. Ideals are beautiful. It’s easy to say it. But it seems like " " is not satisfactory; (where is not satisfactory, it is too difficult)

my first step is to learn the skills well and try to help the boss make his career bigger. I believe that as long as bigger, our treatment will certainly be good. Those good friends will be together forever.

real growth,

in the spring of 07 years, I came to Changshu again (small workshop in Changshu), or that workshop, there are more people, but a few friends last year to go a few. When I first came to BOOS (small boss) patted me on the shoulder and said: you are a talent ah David school for half a year on the good craft, help me take this year with people I will treat you. I heard that this year more hard, not if I work. Man is off duty

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