Local websites and search engines are friends, not enemies


website has been the webmaster blog topic, I also have a lot about Yulin local site topic, see the article on the website of local articles in the Admin5 Adsense nets yesterday which wrote: "the local station should forget the search engine, when his enemies." The head of the view, I beg to differ, I used in an article also wrote a Yulin local website should pay attention to search engine. I have three years of local website operation experience, when the operation of the forum, many foreign villagers are relying on search engines to find the forum, to become members.

, for example, as you do in Yulin news network. Yulin has 10 thousand netizens, how do you publicize your website? By the big BBS publicity, send QQ group, paste it, know and other places, it is estimated that 10% of Internet users can not be covered. If users search in Baidu Yulin news, if you occupy the first position in Baidu, users will naturally come to browse, if he thinks that your website is good, very likely to remember or add to favorites. Even if you can’t remember, next time he’s watching the local news, you have to go to Baidu to search Yulin news, and then come to your website.

someone asked: "how do you know someone search Yulin news?" ha ha, this can be from your Baidu search "Yulin" when the emergence of relevant search to analyze, those are relatively large search. In fact, the news network in Yulin is now strong traffic, money also crashed straight. Do not underestimate the local netizens search ability, a few days ago after Sanlu milk powder incident appeared, my blog has always been a lot of Google search "Yulin milk powder" netizens come in. (my article about milk powder is fourth.)

, if you don’t take advantage of Baidu search, then you’ll have a good ranking of your competitors, and the traffic you lose can be imagined. For example, Yulin now has four sites in the talent competition, the majority of Internet users may not need to remember URL, while Baidu, I think if the site yl-cr.com in Baidu search "Yulin talent", "Yulin Recruitment", "Yulin job", "work in Yulin" the first row of key words, his absolute flow now ten times more than.

don’t think users will really silly to memorize a website, 80% of Internet users are the favorites and Baidu access to the site. Unless your site is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory site really is incredible. I now visit many sites in Yulin are relying on Baidu search, and some domain names are really into trouble, not as good as direct Baidu search.

do not underestimate search engine optimization, in the initial stage of local website construction, if there is not a lot of publicity, traffic is very limited. Most of them have to search from Baidu, and you know, it’s all free. Therefore, the search engine optimization work must be done in place. SEO has its own reason. In fact, whether it’s a portal, an industry station, an online shop, a forum, or a company, search engine optimization is going to happen sooner rather than later

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