Jingdong’s survival rules for small and medium sellers

operation is a basket, do not know the strategy is not good operation.

often asks, which category does Jingdong do well? How to do shop decoration? How to improve the search ranking of goods? Have to say these things should be done, but don’t just start doing these technical things, without a good analysis to locate their next blindly to the pursuit of skills, this is definitely less effective.


today’s environment for small and medium sellers, the development is really not easy, the competition is fierce, many people are bleak exit. It can be said that small and medium sellers are updated the fastest batch of people, think about 70% of sellers can only compete for about 30% of all traffic, is it difficult? Hard! But now the deterioration of electricity environment leads to low cost and high income business model become a thing of the past, a lot of people earn money in a year than earn, the final batch of original passion of the hard hit force electricity supplier of the stage, leaving the Jingdong.

In fact, in the early stage of

we do analysis of the market size and trends for each industry, combined with our own advantages, determine the choice which industry, which is not to say that the market capacity is large, we went into the market which. To do a comprehensive analysis and evaluation, the results of the data analysis is to help you make decisions.

traffic is limited, the allocation depends on the potential of

we should know, previously in the Jingdong is easy to obtain traffic, will do rankings, will play fast, and then get a little bit of category operations activities, basically in the Jingdong market alive and interesting. But the Jingdong from the overall market environment, the Jingdong’s traffic has reached a bottleneck, and the natural flow accounted for less, because some of the important channel to the booth, so I want to rely on search ranking flow projection is more realistic.

newly settled Jingdong stores more and more, if a product successfully built as explosive products, during this period to develop as much as possible, then, first of all, what kind of new products are more potential?

remember the three indicators, click rate, conversion rate, collection, purchase, share. These three indicators determine the life and death of the product, especially the proportion of the collection and purchase. Because for Jingdong, small and medium sellers are potential stocks, these indicators are proof of your potential data! These data can also reflect the details of your product is qualified.

What is the most important weight of

? Transformation!

now more and more difficult to obtain traffic, it may be you have done a half day optimization, traffic has not been the slightest increase, at this time to improve the transformation is the most important!

product style

guarantee that the premise of conversion is a good product, a good product is not only their own transformation high, but also drive the whole shop transformation, through this product related sales and tie-in concessions, you can bring higher

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