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12 years in July, verification code advertising as Baidu Union’s new advertising products, gorgeous on-line. What is a verification code advertisement? As the name suggests, insert ads into the input verification code. How do you insert? Like this, extend the authentication area, embed an advertisement, extract the content of the ad, and make it into the authentication information that needs to be entered by the user.

, this is the traditional verification code:


, this is the verification code ad:


in fact, before Baidu, the code ads as a new display of advertising in foreign countries received praise, such as the most famous 2, Double, Recall and Solve Media. Double Recall is the earliest, 2010 launched in Europe this pattern, and the verification code advertising profitability and advertising effect, to prove that the data said: advertising CPM (cost per thousand show) to reach $120, is about 10 times of the traditional display advertising, the advertisers to enhance the visibility point of view, banner is superior to traditional advertising 11 times. Solve Media in its white paper also affirmed the verification code advertising in the brand effect of outstanding achievements. China also has such as Yu, founder of Zhao Junli recently earned angel investment, said the verification code ads for "idle resources in the Internet of gold", estimates the market size of 39 billion (according to Zhao Junli estimates: verification code input per year Chinese site because of registration, login, posting and download applications that are about 130 billion times, he gave the advertiser’s offer is 300 yuan / thousand times).

verification code advertising advantages are obvious: for the webmaster, increase the realizable flow; for advertisers, get high quality attention. How to explain the quality of attention, because the Internet information surplus actually shows most of the ads is not displayed in front of the audience, the show is invalid; and because a certain degree of advertising avoidance effect, this advertisement even if effective show, now the smart experienced audience also know which area is advertising, which can quickly focus on key area when browsing the web page, the advertisement is ignored. Well, the code ads are somewhat similar to the traditional Cantonese

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