Surprised to find Baidu snapshot of the back through, does not seem to punish

recently these days, many webmaster have found their website snapshot appeared through the phenomenon, a lot of Web site snapshot was peculiar back to the original site or site N years ago phenomenon. Presumably, this is due to Baidu’s snapshot of the rules over the past few days, and the latest rules may be calculated according to the earliest time in the web page. This is a snapshot of the old time phenomenon, in accordance with the usual understanding, this is the punishment of the site. But Baidu this update seems not to punish, but in order to express website construction "old qualification" sex, seems to be to increase the weight. Take a simple example, the site of the site in April 28, 2013, view snapshot, you can see in April 28th, just the first time of the site, however, this does not seem to mean that the weight of the site reduced…



Why did

say that? We still have to testify. The station yesterday issued a aliyun reduce business threshold of the article, this article has been included in Baidu, but give a snapshot of the time is not released, but the article appeared in a November 2011 09 day time. Of course, this time is the author of the original version of the publication of the record time, in order to let visitors note that this article is the 2011 article, not the latest news.



The above

example proves that Baidu is sniffing out the earliest time to give snapshots, not to punish for this page. If it is punishment, Baidu is large, you can not include this page.

first saw this snapshot back through the phenomenon, the author is also a scare, thought it was down right, but now an analysis, seemingly Baidu did not drop the right to this meaning… This phenomenon, many webmasters have also posted questions in the Baidu forum, I believe that Baidu will make the right adjustments as soon as possible…

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