Talking about emotional marketing from websites like Taobao and Andy Lau

I, trust marketing,

, for example, the insurance company’s emergency contact card.

see the insurance company has this thing feel very clever, the insured person to fill in a contact card, there are three personal contact card, one of the three is their choice of close friends. These contacts are used by the sober person to contact the insured’s trust when the insured is in an emergency, such as a car accident, coma, etc.. When Eslite and red child in the promotion of the time did not use this trick, it was very early, I think later discounted net, Happigo and various Taobao online sellers will have a lot of using similar methods. For example, you can write your friend’s name and email address and so on.

this trick can be said to kill four birds. If the small A filled out the insurance card, the insurance company can follow the emergency contacts on this card, small B, small C, small D. The insurance company’s excuse is to find a small B, with small B said, small A fill in the urgent contact is you, please confirm the signature. Since then, little B has no sense of repulsion for a small insurance seller, X,

dream bazaar and discount network can make reference to here.

the next step is bound to follow it, the small B small X asked A what is small to buy insurance, so we have a kind of state is small B take the initiative to ask the insurance thing, so X is not a condition of ridicule? YES! And a new potential customers produced. So visit little C, little D……

successfully uses the concept of trust for marketing, and at this point, little B will feel he is a small A at a critical moment can be trusted, and will be pleased. Small A will also be recognized by small B, insurance companies benefit, three parties win. Ha-ha。 This is the same as the return of the network.

trust is an almost constant issue in the Internet industry. Especially as e-commerce practitioners, more should consider this aspect of the problem. can do it, the integrity of natural mechanism is made distinctions won in battle. If it is just a little child, suddenly let him go to buy a bag of wheat bags, she will say as to Because of Taobao, she can see how much the seller credit.

inspiration Ark’s Web site returned online has nearly 200 shopping malls, members of the network returned to these businesses shopping, you can return 5%-25% of cash. It can be said that visible concessions and temptations. However, it is because the red child, VANCL, and big wheat bags, discounted net, such joy to buy such products to make reasonable collocation trend of members in the full trust of these businesses also get the benefits.

trust is not just for marketing. It’s limited by space. Take Andy Lau as a matter of fact.

two, thank you for marketing, thanks to XX’s trust, and now send coupons……


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