Stationmaster must read website upgrades experience

              the establishment of the station in 2007, after a year of operation and accumulation, there are a lot of hurt and pain, with time and energy and income gap, investment income too much, too little, although accumulated experience and knowledge of many, but less income, less pain.

            in 2008 after a year of operation, the site decided to formally upgrade and revision, while the name of the original site was also changed, the Anhui examination network changes to test 1+1, but after the upgrade the entire layout than before. Although improved, but the following points failed:

        1; after upgrading, the site traffic has declined, click and flow have declined.

        Baidu; 2; after upgrading, the original part of the information can not be browsed, so that through the search tools and other parts of the information can not be accessed, resulting in users through the search of information can not access.

      3; the workload after the transformation increases greatly, resulting in too much time and energy increase.

    4; financial input.

      therefore, users who want to upgrade and rebuild the website should make a comprehensive consideration before deciding to upgrade:

    1; consider time, energy, and financial resources.

    2, consider increasing publicity.

    3; consider the overall strength.


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