Talking about the relation between Wang Kejiang’s soft Wen model and encyclopedia


Baidu encyclopedia is the wisdom of all Internet users, it is like an encyclopedia. Encyclopedia can also write one or more articles, and even make a website, this statement is not an exaggeration.

soft model and Wikipedia entry components:

soft model is mainly composed of the following parts: article title, the beginning of the article, the outline of the article, the end of the article


encyclopedia articles mainly consists of the following parts: title, name card, Wikipedia entry catalogue, reference, extended reading, open classification, the following specific relationship soft model and Baidu Encyclopedia:

1, entry title and soft language relationship,


entry title corresponds to the title of the article. The title is a general summary of the content of the article and highlights the subject.

two, encyclopedia business card and soft text relationship


name card is equivalent to the beginning of the article, it makes a general overview of the center content entries, and entries or question the way the content of a connection, so as to guide users to further reading. This is what we usually call "Introduction"".

three, classification and soft text relationship


classified catalogue is equivalent to the outline of the article, compressing the contents of the text into a word or a sentence. The content of the directory is equivalent to the content of the outline of the article. Give a detailed explanation of what the outline is intended to convey.

four, reference materials, extended reading, open classification and soft relations

references and extended reading, as well as open categorization, are equivalent to the end of the article. Leave a copyright message at the end of the article, or summarize the full text, or hint at the title of the next updated article.

in fact, Wikipedia entry is a microcosm of the soft model. Encyclopedia is also a good source of articles. We can find relevant articles by Wikipedia, so as to write high-quality articles.

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