Teacher action research helped me successfully create a courseware website

I founded the

website: College Network Courseware courseware courseware material base courseware video tutorial nets initial success, by the love teacher friends, play a major role in all kinds of special training courseware, plays a role in the courseware enthusiasts good teachers and helpful friends self counseling! Now the average total number of visits to visit IP5000+, a million in the field of courseware website is famous, has the profound influence in the District, city, province, as a school-based research, a regional courseware website results, a special achievement of the professional development of teachers, a comprehensive system of teaching, in the integration of resources, video tutorial courseware topics the site, towards the ultimate goal of development of education informatization construction…

…From the

website which has been established for 3 years, review the story during the process of developing, I grew up in Xinyu are: teachers must have the ability of education and scientific research, this is the basic condition, imagine a teacher without thinking, no innovation, no reflection, no in-depth research, which is to grow, not to mention the professional development then, what is the teacher to teacher cast, which is proud of the "masterpiece", "famous" and "signs"! Although I am not a teacher, but I have been thinking about the problems in the education teaching, special attention and problem of courseware making and Application of courseware in this area, and to combine their advantages to find problems, explore the play mode and optimization shortcut courseware. These issues I have as a teacher of this subject "– subject for scientific research, I found online teaching resources scattered, not concentrated, is not conducive to learning and training, to make better use of network courseware website resources, improve courseware training and learning, creating the school network courseware; then I found that you have mastered the technology courseware, courseware and material resources but is lacking, how to effectively develop high quality and has good auxiliary effect of courseware has become my research topic, so I created the courseware material library), providing about about 200000 of courseware material resources, effectively ensure the courseware manufacture and application of courseware with web site; running into the track, I was in and courseware learners, application exchange process, found the tutorial text is inadequate to bear Load training courseware content, become a new generation of video tutorial tutorial darling, transfer of large capacity and organized systematic training information, so I created a video tutorial courseware, courseware provides video tutorial 26 categories. Courseware, courseware learners can find courseware information required in these three sites, courseware materials, courseware video tutorials, the rapid growth of courseware master, making multimedia courseware exquisite! Look at these sites are thriving, play a role, I smiled, pleased to my mind the station. Of course, through the study of this topic courseware of the years, I also won the teachers’ professional growth, in-depth scientific research, not only brings the results of work, and improve the washing on the thought and spirit is immeasurable!

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