Guo Yeye in a word, how is the soft Wen written

soft text promotion network marketing way, everybody is not strange. Successful soft text triggered reprint, carrying the target site links, increase the target site outside the chain, also can let visitors unknowingly understand the soft text contains advertising information. With the development of people’s network consciousness, soft text promotion will become a huge profits industry. You can go to Baidu inside search for "soft Wen promotion" four words, some businesses registered Baidu promotion, description soft Wen promotion industry is really profitable.

for personal Adsense, especially hope through the website profit adsense. Not enough technology, Guo Yeye feel can rely on soft Wen to open the market for their website. Webmaster can write a few articles, for the website of the free promotion is very good. Many of the webmaster is always complaining every day, really do not know what to write, if take a week to write a high quality of soft Wen, the effect is not accurate than writing every day even better, which is good! There are many webmaster, said he did not write, do not know what to write. And always feel that their literary talent is not good, so I try to give up, in fact not suffocated cattle, only a dead man, if you want to write, can certainly write things to come. Write soft text, just as simple as talking, as long as there is thinking process, you can write to make everyone satisfied with the article. I’m not a brick home, and the accumulated experience should be worth sharing with you.

1., if you can use QQ to chat with your friends all morning, write a soft text for your website,

chat is a very tired thing, at least it seems to me, because I usually released some information on the A5 forum, so there will be a lot of QQ as a friend and I, mutual communication between network marketing, it is easy for the new building on soft ground. Whether it is a question or answer, as long as it is related to network marketing chat record, I will pay special attention. I have a bad memory, especially when someone calls me names. I’ll soon forget, so those who scold me always knock on the cross and even hundreds of words, curse me, and become my friend. Because, I never remember them calling me names. But for the record of network promotion or network marketing communication, I always remember it in prison, I need to write a new text, will turn to chat, then you can write the blog, so I always have fresh articles and messages.

2., if you suddenly have inspiration, please pick up your pen and record it on the paper.

write, the most important thing is to do something, so inspiration is a considerable importance. I don’t know what time is the habit, no matter what I do, in the company or at home, close a pen rod, a book, Guo Yeye will record all flash of inspiration, the dream will dream down, feel very creative, just remember in the wake up speed the book. Not everyone needs a book. If you have a good memory, you don’t need a book and a pen. However, after my certification, the dream memory is short, and some dreams can be >

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