Cottage version of how is famous Bo trained

released a blog a few days ago on how to make an electronic version of

, where the first paragraph is about four authors

"Hot Blog is how to make the" full name "Hot Blog: how to make a personal brand blog quangonglve" by Google Chinese first observer moonlight, enjoy the professional blog popular king Xiao Qiushui, enjoy the professional blog first game player leaves……

wrote so, but I only know and identify with the moonlight. At least I think the moonlight is the most successful. As for the other three, I think there is a gap between the moonlight and the moonlight. Why does the Moonlight blog succeed? I think the main reasons are as follows:

one, it’s early to be famous. From the archived records of Moonlight blog, moonlight began to play blog from 2004. Debut early, the accumulation of popularity, experience, can attract more attention.

two, stick to it. You can’t keep it up, of course it doesn’t work any more. From these two months I have observed that the Moonlight blog is updated almost every day. This naturally allows readers to visit the moonlight blogs daily and increase their visits.

three, a valuable but popular theme. Like the Moonlight blog title, the "Moonlight blog" – the Internet and search engine IT review blog." "The Internet", each Internet users understand what this concept is, and can comment on it. And moonlight on this subject, mostly written more civilians, so that people may understand. In fact, moonlight blogs have many articles that belong to the news category. If moonlight specifically writes about databases, PS design, and so on, I’m afraid there won’t be too many readers.

four, new. With the above mentioned "news", if you just write that Tencent blocked rainbow QQ today, do you think anyone would see? Moonlight blog did that very well, a lot of Internet news is always the first time out, meet the reader’s freshness.

five, knowledge and boldness. Without knowledge, we cannot write anything of value; without value, we cannot keep readers. Blogs like Mu Zimei and Wang Zijiao can only be a flash in the pan, sooner or later will be discarded by readers and forgotten.

six, concentration. I have read the blogs of Xiao Li’s eyes and the autumn leaves, and their blogs have ideas and can keep them updated. But they are not enough focused, with too many life themes, so there is no moonlight blogger’s fame. Of course, perhaps different intentions, there will be different concentration, such as Bo, more just for self entertainment, can only be said to be blog.


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