Grassroots experience a brief analysis of the main points of the Forum

practical forums have two interpretations: forums outside the network: "forums" refers to a high specification, long-term hosting organization, and many sessions of seminars. In the network, the forum is a place for communication on the network, you can publish a theme, let us discuss together, you can also raise a question, we come together to solve.

our understanding may be aimed at the network significance above BBS, but promotion there are many places need to pay attention to.

The main function of the

forum is the transmission of information in a timely manner, more conducive to the interaction between Internet users to facilitate the exchange of information! But now at this stage of acquisition of popular, information has become the era of rampant, so we need to do one of their own characteristics on the altar, a unique forum has life for example, although some time ago the popular QQ hearts of this type is a hot topic, but patriotism is everywhere, so you can use this type to do have their own characteristics of the forum, I this site is a former movie category


has a lot of classification for the forum many friends are the site of early, but this classification in the beginning is not reasonable, because when you create a unique forum, some users may be concentrated in the plate to visit your site, other sectors are few people pay attention to, I have seen a lot of the forum, some of the plates above almost no or only what people post, the post is the administrator himself, this forum let users feel that you are not popular, then the layout of the open over there are also some confusion.

in order to make a forum to healthy development, so we need their own efforts, to the management of the user’s guide, let the forum into a kind of development, or create a topic, allowing users to discuss the dispute. This you can set up a vest, and made some people feel that another kind of post, although this approach is a bit shameless, but "development is the last word."".

The new

forum is early promotion requires management and moderators contribute, but arrived late requires the user’s propaganda, this point for later into a benign development, many users will naturally help you do propaganda. A lot of time to organize some activities, such as the webmaster network T building activity is very good, interactive is very strong, also can’t use how much money, let users figure happy, let their BBS also figure a lively.

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